November 30, 2009

Man fired from job at Higley Unified School District for downloading the free SETI@home computer software, in hopes of finding alien lifeforms in space, on every computer in school district, causing up to $1.6 million in unnecessary energy resources.

SETI@home is a free program for idle computers, that uses idle computers to examine information collected data by radio telescopes in hopes of finding intelligent life in the universe.

November 29, 2009

Family of Winston Churchill tell London Church of Scientology to keep pictures of the former prime minister off of their recruiting posters.

The grandchildren of Winston Churchill want this poster of their grandfather removed by the Church of Scientology, comparing Churchill's fight against the Axis powers to the need for new recruits for the church.

Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia is a result of the populations obsession with pornography, according to the Indonesian Minister of Communicatioin and Information.

French archetect hopes to invent first ocean 'space-station', called the SeaOrbiter.

A diagram of the SeaOrbiter and picture of the designer Jacques Rougerie, next to a model prototype.

November 28, 2009

At least 10,000 albino's have runaway or gone into hiding throughout East Africa in fear of their lives, because their body parts can fetch up to $75, 000 to witch doctors.

Mary Owido, an albino with her children pictured, is in fear of her life throughout much of the Kenya-Tanzania area, where murderers seek albino body parts on the black market.

Iraqi government spends $ 80 million dollars on dowsing rods, or rather that's how they felt after purchaing bomb detecting equipment by British company ATSC ltd.
The ADE651 bomb detector has been considered useless by both U.S. military officials and magician James Randi who has offered a $1 million dollars to the Somerset company, who manufactures the detectors, if they can prove their devices truly work.

Under the Uganda law in it's Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, gay men with HIV are condemned to be executed, and the United States secret society, the Family on C Street, Washington D.C. is behind the bill.

November 27, 2009

NASA scientists believe we may have discovered the most compelling evidence of life on Mars, with possible fossilized bacteria from Martian meteorite that hit Earth some 13,000 years ago.


Two million Muslim pilgrims to travel to Muzdalifa, Saudi Arabia to toss stones at the devil.

 Muslim pilgrims will come to Muzdalifa from across the world, to throw stones at the walls at Jamarat Bridge, three times each day for the next three days, to symbolize their rejection of the devil's temptations.

New documentary sets out to prove Jesus may have visited England as a youth, according to the films makers, ex-BBC religious correspondent Ted Harrison and Church of Scotland minister Gordon Strachan.

Could Jesus have visited England, while on an educational trip with 'uncle' Joseph of Arimathea?

44-year old woman in Methuen, Massachusetts sees image of Jesus Christ on her iron.

After being seperated from her husband and losing hours at work, the image of Jesus on Mary Jo Coady's iron is a sign that 'life is going to be good', she believes.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! November 26, 2009

Not only do aliens live among us, but they are spying on us and growing frustrated with our 'immoral behavior', such as causing global warming, says Luchezar Filipov, deputy head of the Bulgarian national Space Research Institute.

British hacker, Gary McKinnon, who broke into U.S. military computers to find evidence of UFO's will be extradited and face a U.S. trial.
Gary McKinnon  could face 60 years for his intrusion into U.S. government computer files.

Four calves found mutilated on Costilla County farm, in Colorado, with no signs of tracks of animal or human tracks, farmer, sheriff and local UFO hunter all puzzled.

November 25, 2009

Despite the fact, that a remote Brazilian town is having a twins birth rate a thousand times more than global average, particularly of blonde haired and blue-eyed children; National Geographic experts say it is not the work of evil mad scientist Doctor Josef Mengele.

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Fire brought World Trade Building Number 7 down, not 'governmental plot', says National Institute of Standards and Technology after three years of extensive research.

Despite what many conspiracy theorists believe was man-made demolitions, WTC 7 was brought down by extensive fire damage.
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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il warns North Korea will be banned from watching the world cup...unless they win!

November 24, 2009

CIA manual of Cold War 'tricks-of-the-trade thought to be lost, resurfaces with the title, "The CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception, with instructions of how slipping pills into drinks and 'surreptitious removal of objects by women'.

The Central Intelligence Agency paid stage magician John Mulholland $3000 to write a manual of sneakiness and illusion for the super-spy, which disappeared in 1973, until it's recent resurfacing.

Real estate agent showing off a house in Gibson, Lousianna find over 100 very old human bones in basement, on top of what used to be an Indian burial ground.
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 The United Kingdom with the world's largest DNA database, has fears of police arresting people simply to collect their DNA.
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Retired carpenter demonstrates how he believes how Stonehenge was built.
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Hindu ceremony at Bariyapur village in Nepal is 'world's largest' animal sacrifice at two-day festival devoted to the goddess Gadhimai.

The buffalo is one of the many  hundreds of thousands of animals that will be slaughtered by devotee's of the goddess Gadhimai, at the festival which happens every five years.

 Saudi Arabia sanctions 'religous police' to hunt down and prosecute rising tides of 'witchcraft and sorcery', often leading to state-sanctioned executions to the dismay of Human Rights Watch.

Novmeber 23, 2009

Man who was adopted finally learns who his biologica father was 41 years ago...Charlie Manson!

For 12-years Matthew Roberts, 41 has been trying to find who his real parents, even since the concern he's had since learning he was adopted when he was in 5th grade.

Whaley House Museum of Old Town San Deigo, is considered one of the most haunted houses in the United States, according to the United States Department of Commerce?
U.S. government confirms that the Whaley House complies with local, state and federal regulations of what is considered a haunted house for prospering tourism.

World Wide Lightning Location Network in Seattle believe that lightning's gamma rays may be able to destroy matter.

Chicago murder trial the first to allow MRI brain scan to be used against defendant in murder trial, as proof that he was a psychopath.

November 22, 2009

Bigfoot spotted multiple times in rural west Virginia, throughout lifetime says former Marshall Tucker Band vocalist Kris Allen,  who believes the area may be a migration route for the cryptoid.
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Former British police officer and Birther, plans to dedicate his life into the investigation of U.S. President Barack Obama, and prove he is not a U.S. citizen despite the overwelming evidence that he is.

Neil Sankey, a veteran British police officer and elite member of Scotland Yard, is now a private detective in California, hopes to prove Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.
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November 21, 2009

Vatican researchers once again, believe they have new evidence of the authenticy of the Shroud of Turin.

Researcher of Vatican archives, Barbara Frale has recognized barely observable written words in Greek, Latin and Aramaic, including 'Jesus of Nazareth.

The brain, and other body parts, of Benito Mussolini sold on ebay according to granddaughter demanding actions from Italian police.

  Hackers steal and publish private emails from top climate scientists, accusing them of manipulating much of the data on global warning and it's effects!!

November 20, 2009

Peruvian gang arrested for murder and mutilation of at least five peasants in Lima, draining their bodies of fat to sell as an anti-wrinkle toxin.

Police arrested two of the gang members at a Peruvian bus station in Lima, who were carrying two bottles of their victims body fat to sell to prospective buyers.

EVP recorded at a graveyard in Jordan, Minnesota by ghost hunting team Beyond the Veil may be Billy the Kid.

The voice recorded said 'William Bonny' another name for Billy the Kid.

After 14-months of repairs CERN's Large Hadron Collider up and ready to soon start exploring the Big Bang.

November 19, 2009

53-pages of criminal allegations against the Church of Scientology, including blackmail, child abuse, forced abortions and forced labor camps by former members in Australia !
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According to a new biography about Amelia Earhart, "For the Thrill of It", she was a gifted medium and maybe sent out a psychic SOS before being lost forever!

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November 18, 2009

78 year-old Florida man believes he videotaped a 30-foot monster in on a canal near Madeira Beach, Florida wildlife officials say it's probably a manatee.

Russ Sittlow videotaped something he nicknamed "Normandy Nessie" because he observed it on Normandy Road.

Rock mysteriously moves across Death Valley, California by unknown means.

Ancient Babylonian Cuneiform seal discovered in Egypt, dates to time of King Hammurabi.

Australian archeologists found the cuneiform in a pit at Tel-el Daba, the modern name of the ancient city of Avaris.

Jupiter's icy moon Europa, theoretically could be the home of over three-million tons 'fish-like' life forms, according to astronomers.

Astronomer Richard Greenberg says the physical conditions of Europa could possibly support life, at the American Astronomical Society's Division Planetary Services meeting last month.

Professor of religion and philosophy Dr. Rod Blackhurst spoke at the World Today, explains that the Church of Scientology can be considered a religion, a cult or even a tax scam all depending on what country you live in!

American Heart Association says there is evidence that Transcedental Meditation can help the heart.

New England's 'foremost psychic', Janet Lee, pleads for probation to court for lying to police.

Image of Michael Jackson found on ultrasound picture of parents-to-be.

Image of MJ found on ultrasound of what will be Dawn Kelly and William Hickman's 7th child.

November 17, 2009

Frankenmeat (In-Vitro Meet) produers hope to create to save the world, including 8 different ways that lab created 'meats' can make the world a better place:
1. Bye-bye ranches
2. Urban cowboys
3. Healthier humans.
4. Healthier planet.
5. Economic upheaval.
6. Exotic and kinky cuisine.
7. FarmScrapers.
8. We stop the shame.

 Possibly a test tube hamburger, chunk of ham, or veal?  Proponents claim it's healthier, tastier and cheaper then real animal meat.

Hitler tried to steal Christmas by losing Jesus and adding some Nazism to the holiday!

Hitler hoped to remove Jesus, who was Jewish born from Christmas, and replace many traditional aspects of of the happy holiday with such things as glittering swastika's, old Germanic pagan carols and toy grenade baubles!

Mysterious object caught on video over Coronation Park, above Port Glasgow.

November 16, 2009

Scientific proof that hypnosis can effect brain and can be detected with brain scans.

Dr. William McGeown, believes that hypnosis can relax the person and possibly relieve addiction and anxiety.

Spread of H1N1 'swine flu' throughout Ukraine causes many to believe it's a man-made biological weapon.

NASA brings British worms into space on the space shuttle Atlantis, in hopes of understanding how long humans can possibly stay in space and orbit.

4000 Caenorhabditis elegans worms from the University of Nottingham will spend 11 days in orbit.
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David Morrison, senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology institute, debunks six myths concerning 2012:
1. Maya predicts the end of the world in 2012
2. Break away continents will destroy civilization
3. Galactic alignment spells doom
4. Planet X is on a collision course with Earth
5. Solar storms to ravage Earth
6. Maya had clear predictions for 2012

Scientists are researching psychedelic drugs and they possible benefits in helping patients with OCD, Post-traumatic stress and cancer-related anxiety.

New Zealand expedition to Antarctic to drill for frozen whiskey, lost during a British expedition in 1909.

November 15, 2009

UFO activity near U.S. nuclear sites to be the subject at the Nastional Press Club in the Fall of 2010.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings (pictured), along with former Air Force Captain Robert Salas hope to shed light on UFO sightings near nuclear warhead sites.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, asks Cuban government to help with drought, by using weather warfare tactics of bombing clouds.

November 14, 2009

Russian police in Moscow arrest three homeless men who butchered and ate a 25 year-old man, and sold the remaining body parts to kebab stand!
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Doctoral canidate at Cornell University's department of astronomy, Ann Martin, in response to overwelming interest and hysteria with the movie 2012, the Mayan Calender is cyclical and the end of the calender on December 21, 2012, is of "no consequence".
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Archeologists in the Oaxcaca Valley of Mexico think they may have found clues to the origins of human religion in excavations of prehistoric hunter-gatherer sites.
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Poll in London Times most people don't believe global warming is man-made.

November, FRIDAY THE 13th, 2009

Invisibility cloak an actual possibility, such as in the Harry Potter series, says Imperial College London researchers for 4.9 million pounds to research bending light with 'metamaterials'.

World-leading physicist Professor Sir John Pendry hopes to create a material which forces light to flow around an object, hiding it from the human eye.

Researchers at the Glasgow Science Center hope to figure out if there is any scientific probability to the unluckiest day of the year, Friday the 13th.
Some people believe Friday the 13th got it's superstitious start on Friday 13th, October 1307 when the Knight Templars were arrested throughout Europe at the orders of the French King, Philip IV.

Almost a month after sending a rocket to hit the moon, NASA finds water on the moon.

Researchers at DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) hope to freeze soldiers injured brains in order to save damaged brain.

Man gets a remote control for his bionic ass!

55-year old Ged Galvin had his bowels removed during a motorcycle crash, and now has a remote to open his bionic bowels when he uses the toilet.

Oklahoma farmer home to 22 cloned Black Angus cows, to be used as beef across the globe.

One of the identical cows on Barry Pollard's farm, Pollard is both a farmer and neurosurgeon.

The Ninth annual Texas Bigfoot Conference was held in Piney Woods.

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