Sunday, Febuary 27, 2011

Retired Royal Air Force intelligence officer gets 800,000 back in damages from spiritual guru for brainwashing him!
A retired RAF officer who claimed he was 'brainwashed' into signing over his £800,000 home to a spiritual guru has won a court battle to get his property back.  Richard Curtis, 53, and his wife Fiananda were active members of a the guru's controversial 'healing centre' and donated their farmhouse and possessions to their leader, Rena Denton.  Miss Denton - who prefers to be known as Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma - is the 79-year-old 'spiritual head' and founder of the Self Realization Meditation Centres movement, which has been described by some critics as a 'cult'.
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Saturday, Febuary 26, 2011

Lafayette, Indiana uses old, forgotten municipal law to crack down on fraudulent psychics!
Lafayette city officials are dusting off a little-known municipal code in an attempt to shut down a self-proclaimed psychic who police say misled customers into giving up thousands of dollars.
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Former Canadian deputy prime minister and defense minister, Paul Hellyer makes claim that U.S. is using secret alien technology!
A former deputy prime minister and defence minister is now speaking in the U.S. about UFO coverups and how alien technology could benefit mankind.
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Friday, Febuary 25, 2011

Brooklyn Voodoo candle sex ritual results in fire and fatality

Candles used in a voodoo sex ceremony ignited a fast-moving fire that swept through a Brooklyn apartment building on the evening of February 19 and into early February 20, 2011, and killed a woman, according to FDNY fire marshals and a city official.
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Upcoming Nation of Islam convention in Chicago to feature the existence of UFO's!

The Nation of Islam, long known for its promotion of black nationalism and self-reliance, now is calling attention to another core belief that perhaps isn't so well-known: the existence of UFOs.
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Thursday, Febuary 24, 2011

Burmese dictator General Than Shwe frightens populace with black magic ritual garb

General Than Shwe of Burma, the dour and taciturn leader of one of the world's most repressive military regimes, isn't known for his feminine side. His contempt for pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is partly rooted, most Burma analysts say, in the fact that she is a woman.
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Serbian boy believes he's magnetic!

A seven-year-old boy in Serbia is attracting worldwide attention after his family claim he is magnetic.
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Wednesday, Febuary 23, 2011

Charlie Manson's attorney pleads with President Obama to release his aging client

Giovanni Di Stefano, the long time lawyer for serial killer Charles Manson has reached out to President Obama, asking the President to set his client free.
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U. S. Army used Psy-Ops on Senators for more funding and favors

The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned – and when an officer tried to stop the operation, he was railroaded by military investigators.
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Retired Army Colonel to speak at annual UFO Congress about how UFO's are real, but ... there is no government cover-ups

Whether you believe or disbelieve the notion that UFOs are visitors from another planet, a former highly decorated military officer now comes forward with information that may infuriate those on both sides in the ongoing ET debate.
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'Psyhic' Sylvia Brown speaks about her conversations with Michael Jackson and Lady Di
Most people know psychic/spiritual medium Sylvia Browne from her appearances on 'The Montel Williams Show' and 'Larry King Live,' but she is first and foremost a spiritual author. Her latest book, 'Afterlives of the Rich and Famous,' features several accounts of celebrities who've passed away, and what they're up to in heaven.
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Tuesday, Febuary 22, 2011

According to WIRED magazine cellphone radiation increases brain activity
Radiation from a mobile phone call can make brain regions near the device burn more energy, according to a new study.
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Monday, Febuary 21, 2011

West Valley City, Utah will officially recognize March 13th as 'L. Ron Hubbard Day'
The founder of Scientology had no direct ties to Utah, but the state’s second-largest city has recognized the 100th anniversary of his birth with a proclamation.
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Sunday, Febuary 20, 2011

Faith healers lose protection of child endangerment in Oregon
  Oregon lawmakers will take the first step today toward ending legal protections for parents who rely solely on faith to treat their dying children.
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Saturday, Febuary 19, 2011

Friday, Febuary 18, 2011

Entertainer Glenn Beck claims 'some' Muslims want to summon the Anti-Christ?
Glenn Beck theorized that some Muslims are trying to bring about the equivalent of the Antichrist on his Thursday show.
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Thursday, Febuary 17, 2011

Jesus appears in wooden chair in Orange County, California
An Orange County couple says they have found the image of Jesus in a wooden rocking chair that has been sitting in their backyard for years.
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Swiss Neurologist working on virtual reality and real-life 'out-of-body' experiments
In the film Avatar, explorers on the planet Pandora transmit their minds into alternative bodies. Now scientists have come a step closer to recreating the experience in the lab.
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Possible 'Bownessie' monster image caught at Lake Windermere in the UK
The legend of 'Bownessie' is echoing across the waters of Lake Windermere once again after what is being called the best ever sighting of the mythical sea creature.  Emerging from the mist with oily black skin and three eerie humps, this picture reveals a mystical looking beast gliding through the lake.
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Wednesday, Febuary 16, 2011

Bigfoot sighted near...Pittsburgh?

It was early Tuesday morning February 8th 2011, Sam was just exiting route 60 at about 7:45AM and about to turn into the PA turnpike when something odd caught his attention.
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New Mexico cult and it's cult leader 'Golden Elk' exposed by Dr. Phil!

Parents say a strange New Mexico cult has captured the hearts and minds of their kids and cut them off from their families.  Their leader is a man who goes by the name of "Golden Elk." Parents of the young adults he's recruited say he's brainwashed them.
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Tuesday, Febuary 15, 2011

Florida man believe he has observed evidence of an advanced ancient civilization
A Central Florida man believes he has discovered what's left of a highly advanced ancient civilization by using some new technology, and says some of the evidence is right here on the Suncoast.
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SETI says that if we want to talk to aliens...we should learn to speak to dolphins!
The Kepler Space Telescope announced a new bonanza of distant planets this month, reconfirming that solar systems, some possibly hosting life, are common in the universe.  So if humanity someday arrives at an extraterrestrial cocktail party, will we be ready to mingle? At the Wild Dolphin Project in Jupiter, Florida, researchers train for contact by trying to talk with dolphins.
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Monday, Febuary 14, 2011

India gets new Goddess of the English Language...who aids her worshipers climb up the  economic and social ladder!
The Dalit (formerly untouchable) community is building a temple in Banka village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to worship the Goddess of the English language, which they believe will help them climb up the social and economic ladder.
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Sunday, Febuary 13, 2011

UFO sighted over Sweden

Video evidence of a new UFO sighting has emerged in Sweden. The UFO was spotted at 7PM on the evening of February 12, 2011. The video was posted on YouTube by a user who claims to have shot the unidentified flying object from several different angles from an apartment window. This video hasn't yet generated the excitement of the recent UFO seen hovering over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem last month.
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North Carolina Bigfoot hunter attracts hundreds in his quest, including Animal Planet
Michael Greene of Salisbury has attracted a lot of attention in his hunt for Bigfoot.
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Saturday, Febuary 12, 2011

Experts explain superstorms and the Earth's magnetic fields...are they really dangerous?
Will the wandering magnetic North Pole create crazy superstorms?  The eye-popping connection between the planet's weather and its magnetic field has caught hold among scaremongers recently, ever since scientists described the potential of devastating "superstorms" -- storms caused, scientists say, by flowing gushers of water in the sky known as atmospheric rivers. Some worriers say that these tubocharged tsunamis will soon be widespread, thanks to the increased movement of the Earth's magnetic field.

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Friday, Febuary 11, 2011

Russian survey shows that 32% of Russians believe the Sun revolves around the Earth
Does the sun revolve around Earth? Is radioactivity a human invention? Did humans ever live side by side with dinosaurs? A surprising number of people in Russia answered those and other questions with a resounding "yes."
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Thursday, Febuary 10, 2011

British mother spots 'big cats' at side of road

A MUM-OF-TWO was shocked when she came face-to-face with a large cat-like creature on a country road.
Kathleen Coutts, was driving home on the A944 near Alford from a dog-training class, when she saw what she thought was a fox.  The 33-year-old from Meikle Wartle said: “It turned on its side and that’s when I realised it was a cat. It was the size of a collie but it was long and sleek.”
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Wednesday, Febuary 9, 2011

Cult leader moves his sex cult, including pedophilia, from London to Welsh village
Five members of a ‘quasi religious cult’ moved into the same street in a seaside village where they engaged in group sex, prostitution, and the abuse of children, a court has heard.
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Tuesday, Febuary 8, 2011

Church of Scientology outraged over FBI investigations of human trafficking, enslavement and violence

The FBI is investigating the Church of Scientology over allegations of human trafficking, it is claimed.
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Romanian authorities warn soothsayers and fortune accurate or be punished!
There's more bad news in the cards for Romania's beleaguered witches. A month after Romanian authorities began taxing them for their trade, the country's soothsayers and fortunetellers are cursing a new bill that threatens fines or even prison if their predictions don't come true.
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Monday, Febuary 7, 2011

UFO over Jerusalem just a marketing stunt for UFO blockbuster coming out this Summer?
It's the footage that has true believers in a spin.  Several videos posted to YouTube last week appear to show a strange ball of light hovering above a Jerusalem shrine before disappearing into the night. At first the clips, shot from different angles, seemed convincing -- or at least like an elaborate hoax.
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Ghost of headless monk forces British amusement park to move location of their Storm Surge ride!
A headless monk, a sudden chill, objects moving of own accord.  A new ride at an amusement park? No, the strange, seemingly paranormal, behaviour was experienced by workmen building a water ride at Thorpe Park, one of the country's biggest theme parks.  There were reports of workers feeling like someone was watching over their shoulder and sudden cold feelings being experienced.
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Sunday, Febuary 6, 2011

UFO experts point out that UFO's over Mexico have  increased since Jerusalem UFO sighting

Yohanan Diaz Vargas, a UFO and Exopolitics expert in Mexico, a Special Report reported on Sunday Feb. 6, 2011 that an increase in UFOs over Mexico occured on January 29, 2011, the day after January 28, 2011 Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO orb. Yohanan Diaz Vargas is a producer with Tercer Milenio, a program by Jaime Maussan, Mexico’s leading UFO and Exopolitics TV producer on Televisa, the largest Hispanic television network in the world.
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Saturday, Febuary 5, 2011

According to an anonymous Egyptian official, Israel's Mossad has GPS-controlled sharks preying on Egyptians to destroy their tourism industry!
I wrote this week about a possible thaw in ties between traditional rivals India and Pakistan. But even if the two countries’ policymakers are indeed making progress in improving relations, they will have to overcome deep mistrust between their respective populations. Such distrust is stoked by the vast range of conspiracy theories frequently bandied around, including the idea that India is behind the bomb attacks in Karachi. However, these two countries are by no means alone. Before the recent unrest in Egypt I heard one from there that may beat them all.
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Friday, Febuary 4, 2011

Stone Age artifacts discovered by Vikings were considered magical relics!
Vikings considered Stone Age objects to have magical qualities, and such ‘antiques’ were more important in Viking culture than previously understood, according to new archaeological findings.  Excavation of around 10 Viking graves in Rogaland, southwest Norway, had uncovered Stone Age items, such as weapons, amulets and tools.
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Skeptic Benjamin Radford tells Discovery News the UFO over Jerusalem, 'almost certainly a hoax'.
On Jan. 28, a light appeared over Jerusalem. Apparently guided by some form of intelligence, the light hovered high above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine. The footage then shows the light drop and seemingly hover just above the shrine. After a few moments, and a brief flash of a strobe, the light took off, disappearing into the night sky.Full article: 

Big Cat sighted by ex-police officer in Whales
A former policeman based in west Wales spotted a "puma or panther-like animal" as recently as Wednesday.
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Thursday, Febuary 3, 2011

Possible UFO spotted over Jerusalem?
A shining ball of light has been filmed hovering above a Jerusalem shrine, in footage which UFO enthusiasts say could finally prove aliens exist.  The clips show the pulsating orb descend and hover above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine, before shooting up into the night sky. It then descends again and disappears.  Unusually, the sighting has been filmed from different viewpoints, meaning it has been more difficult to dismiss than most.
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Aliens live among us Earthlings...according to former Chinese Foreign Minister
In the industrialized West, there evolved the prevailing Pseudo-religious dogma that human beings are at the centre of 'G-d's creation in the universe'. This dogma is the ideological motivation behind the on-going de-legitimization of the verfiable contact that people have had with Extraterrestrials (ETs).
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Triangular shaped UFO hovers over Brighton campus in Rochester, New York
Rochester continues to live up to its reputation as a hot spot for ufo sightings. Early this morning, several witnesses reported seeing a dark triangular object flying over the city.
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