Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cryptoid remains of Argentinian Ucumar Zupai really that of a monkey!
Police officers from Metán, led by Deputy Chief Regino Monteros of Regional Unit 3, and consisting of criminalists from the force, firefighters and local infantrymen, brought back the remains of the strange mammal shot down by a rancher living in the heights of Cerro El Crestón, reviving the old legend of the Ucumar, a sort of "yeti" from the Salta Region.  The elements were guided by two sisters, Marian and Claudia Miranda, backwoodswomen, and walked seven hours to reach the site and five hours back, just to bring down the head and hairy carcass of this hitherto unknown specimen in the area.  All appears to indicate that it is a monkey, but it shall be necessary to investigate what kind, and if it is indeed an ape.

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