Fidel Castro knew Kennedy was going to be assassinated!  According to a new book by  former CIA anlaylst
The book, Castro’s Secrets: The CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine, is the first substantial study of Fidel Castro’s intelligence operations. Based on interviews with Cuban spies who defected as well as declassified documents from the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon and other national security organs, it contains a good deal of material likely to stir controversy, including accounts of how Castro’s spies have carried out political murders, penetrated the U.S. government and generally outwitted their American counterparts.
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Texan mother slits 5-year-olds throat (now in critical condition) to release him from demon possession

 "She stated that they are a very Christian family and she was reading from the Bible with him (the child) and realized he was infested with demons and had to release these demons from him," said Brian Clark with Magnolia police. Full article:

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