Monday, March 14, 2011

Utah drug bust discovers human skulls, animal flesh and other ritual devices at home of Santeria priest 

Utah police involved in a drug investigation came across human skulls and animal bones thought to be used as part of a religious shrine.  Now investigators and attorneys are trying to decide if the animal carcasses and remains constitute religious freedom, or if it is against the law.
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Man starts his hotel room on fire in Lynnwood, Washington because he was sharing the room with Satan!

Convinced that he was sharing a motel room with Satan, a man set his blankets ablaze in Lynnwood on Friday, according to what he told police.  The man, 52, of Redmond, had been staying at the Days Inn on 196th Street SW for about a month, according to a police affidavit filed in Snohomish County Superior Court.
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Exorcisms on the rise in the United States...but there's enough of us exorcists says Father Gary Thomas!
IN his latest film, Anthony Hopkins plays a priest who casts out the Devil... but the churchman who advised him on set reveals here how he has dealt with the real thing...
  The images are terrifying. Girls scream in agony, their bodies inhumanly contorted. They spit curses and growl in unknown tongues. Demonic possession, and those who battle it, have been a recurrent theme in films from 1973’s classic The Exorcist to this month’s thriller The Rite.
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Laser scanning may be used to discover secrets of Stonehenge
Modern technology may be the key to unlock hidden secrets about an ancient monument: Stonehenge.
Researchers are using lasers to scan the nearly three dozen stones, or megaliths, that make up the famous circular complex on the Salisbury Plain of southern England.
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