Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Government documents about the UK 'Rendlesham UFO Incident' go missing!

Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the "Rendlesham incident" have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal.
The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. 
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Virgin Mary appears on coastline cliff near Cornwall, UK
The hooded figure is seen holding her arms out-stretched in a cradling action sheltered beneath rocks at Newquay's Western Beach, Cornwall.  Caroline and Stephen Gray were walking along the coastline when they stopped to pose for a series of holiday snaps.
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Photo of UFO flying over Brazilian city of Sao Paulo captured
doesn't appear to be an aeroplane, balloons don't disappear in a burst of light, and the largest bird able to hover in one place is still too small to be seen from this distance.
So what is this mysterious object apparently floating in the skies above Brazil?
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