Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ohio man records UFO hovering over Lake Eerie
It’s not the first time someone has recorded images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, but a Northeast Ohio man says it’s the first time an image is clear.  “It was probably one of the craziest nights of activity I’ve ever experienced,” said Michael Lee Hill. Hill is a self-described UFO enthusiast who just released some never-before-seen video he claims to have recorded along the lakefront. According to Hill, the video was shot near his Eastlake home in November.
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Skeptics dubious about captured 'UFO battle' video
A San Diego-based UFO researcher named Ed Grimsley captured what one writer called "multiple unidentified flying objects" that were "saucer-shaped [and] appeared to hover in the sky and change direction before moving out of sight." The video was taken April 30 with Grimsley's organization, Skywatch.
To the trained eye, however, this video appears to show something much more banal than a UFO battle.
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