Friday, September 16, 2011

Nikolai Valuyev, a former Russian heavyweight boxing champ fails to find Siberian Bigfoot

Former Russian heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuyev has failed to track down a yeti in Siberia’s Kemerovo region despite tip offs and "traces" leading to a cave in the mountains, local authorities said on September 16. Known as the “Beast from the East,” Valuyev, who is nearly seven-feet tall (2.13 m), set off on a two-day trip to find bigfoot on September 14 after his expedition was blessed in a ritual led by a shaman to enlist the help of friendly forest spirits.
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Ghostly happenings on the rise in Salem, Massachusetts; ghostly sightings  and new paranormal TV show planned for Witch City, USA.

As tempting as it may be, there is really no need to make up stories in the Witch City. Stuff happens all by itself. Take last Saturday night, for example. We'll set the scene: It's just after 9 p.m. on Winter Island. Full article:

Archeologists find evidence of flesh eating zombie fears in Dark Age Ireland

Halloween is still more than one month away but archeologists working in Ireland have uncovered a couple of 8th century human skeletons that point to a ghoulish story. The skeletons, dug up between 2005 and 2009 at Kilteasheen, near Loch Key in Ireland, were found with stones stuck into their mouths. Researchers examining the remains suggest this may have been related to a belief among the locals that this practice would prevent the dead from returning to walk the Earth as zombies. Full article:

Indianan woman gets thirty years for aiding parents who killed child during 'exorcism'
The Fort Wayne woman accused of helping kill a three-year-old boy was sentenced to thirty years in prison Friday. Under the terms of her plea agreement, Hawkins pled guilty to Aiding in Battery Causing Death after originally entering an insanity plea. Full article:

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