Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman travels to Indonesia to find the mysterious orange pendek
The Indonesian island of Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world. Sadly it has lost half its rainforest in the past 35 years, erased by the chainsaw to make way for palm oil and coffee plantations. Despite this, in the west of the island there are still vast tracts of forest standing, among them Kerinci Seblat National Park which covers 13,791 square kilometres – about the size of Montenegro.
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Russian scientist (and UFO researcher) claims to have invented a time machine

But according to the peculiar exploits of one Russian scientist, the creation of devices that might be literally capable of displacing time around an individual might finally be a reality. In fact, if the claims of Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov are anything more than rumor or hearsay, then we are being asked to believe that Chernobrov himself may have succeeded in the creation of a functional time machine Full article:

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