Monday, November 14, 2011

Jesus appears on cliff in Ireland
Jesus Christ is said to have helped many people who were close to the edge. Now comes word that he might have gone over the edge -- and onto the side of a cliff in Ireland. Tourist Sandra Clifford's picture has got a lot of people excited.
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Woman in Nepal village beaten for suspicions of using witchcraft!
A woman of Mahadeva-3 in Saptari district has been beaten by locals 13 times since past four years accusing her of practicing witchcraft, but the administration has not taken action against any offender till date. Siya Devi Mandal, 45, was dubbed a witch by her neighbors and thrashed brutally last November by her neighbors Shyam Prasad Mandal and his wife Rukmini Devi Mandal after the couple’s eight-year-old daughter complained of abdominal pain.
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