Tuesday, Novemeber 1, 2011

After two failed doomsday predictions Harold Camping apologizes and retires
At age 90, Harold Camping doesn't have any more doomsday predictions. At least not right now. In a five-minute "apology," Camping appeared to be done predicting the Rapture. He apologized for some of his comments concerning the Rapture, but did leave the door slightly open, saying he is "checking [his] notes carefully."
Full article: http://news.yahoo.com/embarrassed-harold-camping-apologizes-rapture-missteps-173806400.html

Mexican citizens terrified of drug cartels turn to witchcraft!
In the dimly lighted back room of a modest house in this tourist city now largely devoid of tourists, Luis Tomás Marthen Torres, a warlock with 50 years of experience, closes his eyes and chants as he briskly rubs a stark white egg over the arms, chest and neck of a worried customer.
Full article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/02/world/americas/mexicans-turn-to-witchcraft-to-ward-off-drug-cartels.html?_r=3&emc=eta1

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