Sunday, June 13, 2010

After arrest of serial killer and teacher, many believe devil worship on the rise throughout schools in Kenya
When Philip Onyancha was a Form One student at Kenyatta Mahiga High School in Nyeri, then President Daniel arap Moi appointed a commission to inquire into devil worship in Kenya.  At that time, the country was throbbing with claims of widespread devil worship with some reports linking the practice to people in high places.  The commission headed by Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima, was appointed in March 1995 when Onyancha was in his first term in secondary school.  For his efforts in trying to literally unearth the devil, Archbishop Kirima and his commissioners were derided by critics who disparaged their report when it was published in 1999.  Onyancha, who has sensationally claimed to have killed 17 people, has claimed his actions are a result of a cult into which he was inducted while in high school.

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