Sunday, June 6, 2010

Russian psychic healer Anatoly  Kashpirovsky returns after fifteen year exile
Let's get one thing straight. Your level of understanding is this big," Anatoly Kashpirovsky announces, after striding on stage at north Moscow's Cosmos concert hall, indicating the space between his thumb and forefinger. "But mine is 1,000 times greater."  The 2,000-strong crowd looks suitably impressed. But then, having just shelled out the rouble equivalent of up to £60 a ticket and another £20 for one of Kashpirovsky's "remote healing" DVDs, they are clearly expecting to witness something out of the ordinary 

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Norwich, England has another big cat sighting
Reports of big cat sightings in the Norwich area have flooded in since the Evening News revealed that a large black cat-like animal had been spotted by a motorist off the A47.  Phil Grimes was driving eastbound on the single carriageway A47 from Norwich when he saw an animal in a field about 200 yards away off the road near North Burlingham, on Friday, May 28.

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UFO spotted above Brisbane, Australia
The UFO was seen moving through the sky just before Saturday's sunrise in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT.  ABC News Online has received dozens of emails, pictures and videos from those who claim to have witnessed the huge white light.

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...but wait, maybe that UFO was just a Falcon 9 rocket!
Logical explanations take all the fun out of UFO's. After the Falcon 9 rocket launched successfully, later, over on the other side of the world, people in Australia saw a spiraling object in their early morning skies, about 6 am local time. Geoffrey Wyatt, from the Sydney Observatory, said it appeared to have been the Falcon 9 rocket, which launched about an hour earlier.

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