Friday, November 26, 2010

Grandma accused of witchcraft in Ghana burnt to death!
A 72-year-old grandmother suffered one of the most barbaric of deaths when she was burnt alive by a mob at Tema Site 15 after being accused of being a witch.  A student-nurse, who appeared on the scene, attempted to rescue the old woman from her ordeal but she died of her burns within 24 hours of arrival at the Tema General Hospital.  Five people who allegedly tortured and extracted the confessions of witchcraft from Ama Hemmah before drenching her in petrol and setting her ablaze have been arrested by the Tema Police.
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New photo at Loch Ness brings hope to Nessie hunters!
Richard Preston, a landscape designer, has been the latest person to spot a mysterious shape that might be the Loch Ness monster and capture a series of images on camera.  While working on Aldourie Castle gardens on the banks of the Loch Ness, 27-year-old Mr Preston spotted a shape on the loch's surface out of the corner of his eye.

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Mary Rodwell, founder of ACERN (Australian  Close Encounter Research Network) and alien abduction therapist to get TV programing in Australia
AN Agnes Water woman who is a world leader in alien abduction counselling will feature in an SBS documentary alongside her son – a self-confessed UFO sceptic.  Mary Rodwell, who runs the Australian Close Encounter Research Network (ACERN), and her son, Chris Rodwell, a Melbourne veterinary surgeon, are the subjects of a documentary that focuses on the mother-son relationship as Ms Rodwell tries to educate her son about extraterrestrial visitations.

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'Flying object' falls to the sky in Florida
Several Polk County viewers called FOX 13 yesterday evening to report something in the sky.  The callers believed the object may have been a meteor or other object entering Earth's atmosphere.  Photos sent by one viewer showed the bright object with some sort of vapor or smoke trail behind it. They were taken at around 5:45 p.m.  It's not clear if the object was a passenger jet with its exhaust trail illuminated by the setting sun, or if it was a meteor or piece of space junk being burned up as it entered the atmosphere.  FOX 13 has been unable to reach any experts who could confirm either theory.

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