Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ghost haunts Texas county clerk office where she used to work!
They say she refused to leave her desk after she was voted out of office.  They say it took the sheriff and his deputies to forcibly evict her so the newly elected county clerk could start her term.  And now, they say, she's back.  "That woman drives us nuts sometimes," said Cynthia Jaqua, commissioners' court recorder in the county clerk's office. "There's all kind of strange things that happen."  Jaqua tells the story of how she had gone up to the attic to put away some papers and found the attic light on.  "I said, 'Somebody didn't turn out the light.' Then, bloop, the lights went out. I was nowhere near the light switch. Irene did it," Jaqua said.  Irene, who the folks in the county clerk's office refer to as "our ghost," would be the late Irene Nuhn, who was the Comal County clerk as late as the early 1980s.
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California 'Mystery Missile' revealed to be aircraft according to U.S. Pentagon
Since the incident of September 11, Americans have become extremely cautious and careful regarding unusual things in the air as well as on ground. The heated debate started all over the U.S. when a mystery vapor trail that seemed like a Missile launch was filmed off the coast of southern California.  The video captured of Missile launch California grabbed the attention of Americans and became the hottest talk over TV channels, which spend hours on soliciting comments from experts regarding the issue.  More confusion emerged in the country when one of the Pentagon experts claimed that it must be a missile launch in California. After all the conspiracy theories of Missile launch California, civilian experts were the first to announce that it was nothing like missile launch, but an aircraft.  Their comments got approval after Pentagon stepped into the situation and announced on Wednesday that the missile launch incident in California is just a contrail caused by an aircraft.

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