Saturday, July 2, 2011

A pir (healer/ exorcist) in Khanewal, Pakistan rids asthmatic girl of djinn by beating and burning, resulting in crippling her!
According to a nurse at Nishtar Hospital, Katchi Abadi resident Zakia was taken to a local pir by her family after she began to have an asthma attack. The pir, Safdar Khan, took the woman into a room and tied her up with rope. He then stuck a burning poker through her wrists and feet and beat her bloody with a stick.
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The Raelian UFO cult in Toronto announces it plans to 'take the swastika back' from Nazi negativism!
An extraterrestrial-centric religious sect will attempt to “reclaim: the swastika in Toronto on Sunday.
Members of the International Raelian Movement have chosen the city’s gay pride festivities as their venue to celebrate a second annual event they call World Swastika Rehabilitation Day.
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British ex-banking consultant moves to Africa and becomes a witchdoctor!
Thomas Heathfield, 32, whose family hail from Maidenhead in Berkshire, renounced sleep for three days, rose at 2.30am to dance for the tribal ancestors and vomited up goats' bloods as part of his training to become a "sangoma".  He slept out in the bush, wore traditional robes and was sent to hunt for the animal body parts hidden by locals in the remote village of Mangweni, close to the Mozambican border in Mpumalanga province.
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