Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Siberian village plagued with goat livestock being drained of all their blood...is it a vampire or chupacabra?!
A blood-sucking creature is preying upon goats near Novosibirsk. As rational explanations run thin on the ground, the specter of the so-called chupacabra raises its demon head. Horrified farmers and smallholders are confronted by the drained corpses of their livestock in the morning, bloodless and bearing puncture marks to the neck but otherwise largely in tact.
Full article: http://themoscownews.com/russia/20110726/188875163.html

School girl miraculously returns to life in Zimbabwe morgue!
The school authorities had earlier sent the girl home so she could get treatment after she had complained of a severe headache. She reportedly collapsed while at home, resulting in her being rushed to a medical centre in the Avenues.  “It appears she had not died, but had fallen into a comma and she regained consciousness while in the mortuary, perhaps because of the cold. Fortunately an attendant heard her coughing and assisted her,” said a teacher at the school.
Full article: http://www.newsday.co.zw/article/2011-07-26-schoolgirl-rises-from-the-dead

British psychic 'Psychic Ben' jailed for stealing his grandmother's valuables
A SELF-PROCLAIMED 'internationally renowned psychic' from Stratford did not forsee the outcome when he stole rings worth more than £100,000 from his grandmother.
But predictably Benjamin Hicks, known as ‘Pyschic Ben’ is in jail after pleading guilty to the theft.
Full article:  http://www.stratfordobserver.co.uk/story-Psychic-fails-to-foresee-jail-term-for-ring-thefts-48150.html

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