Thursday, July 7, 2011

South Carolina 'Lizard Man' returns...takes bite out of car

On Ida Lane in rural Lee County, they’re struggling to explain what took place Monday morning.  “I ran into the house and told my wife to call the police because something happened to the car,” explained Leon Marshall.“The tooth marks went completely through the fender,” added his wife Ada.
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Swedish astronaut and other scientists overdose (safely) on homeopathic pills to reveal their bunk! 
"We're risking our lives for science," wrote Fuglesang in an opinion piece for newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, signed by the organization Vetenskap och Folkbildning (VoF), a non-profit organization working towards promoting popular science education, and discrediting false science.  This act is an effort to get the inefficiency of homeopathic medicine, commonly used in Sweden today, on the agenda.
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British IT consultant kills self after psychic give her blessing and hopes he visits from the afterlife!
An IT consultant killed himself after a fortune teller gave her 'blessing' to his suicide plan - and told him to come back in the afterlife for a cup of tea, his son said yesterday.
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