Monday, December 27, 2010

Former Florida motel owner wins lawsuit against spiritual adviser who used Santeria to steal his property

It’s been five months since Enzo Vincenzi of Estero won a $136,500 jury award against a “Santeria Africana” spiritual adviser, but she still owns the Fort Myers motel he says she duped him out of through voodoo trickery.

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UFO spotted over Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico
Earlier we chalked up the ‘UFO’ object as a ‘smudge’ on the camera lens. Part of our conclusion, why would an ‘object’ remain stationary over the volcano? The same, or similar object filmed yesterday, almost 24 hours earlier? We decided to continue watching the live stream of the volcano in order to verify the object was due to something on the lens. Luckily for us, while watching the live cam, clouds were moving across the sky. We discovered, at certain times, the clouds ‘covered’ the object we assumed was on the lens. We captured a few of the images and posted them below. Images which include the date and time. In our opinion, the ‘UFO’ in the upper right corner of the web cam on yesterday’s image, still a ‘mystery’

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