Friday, Febuary 4, 2011

Stone Age artifacts discovered by Vikings were considered magical relics!
Vikings considered Stone Age objects to have magical qualities, and such ‘antiques’ were more important in Viking culture than previously understood, according to new archaeological findings.  Excavation of around 10 Viking graves in Rogaland, southwest Norway, had uncovered Stone Age items, such as weapons, amulets and tools.
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Skeptic Benjamin Radford tells Discovery News the UFO over Jerusalem, 'almost certainly a hoax'.
On Jan. 28, a light appeared over Jerusalem. Apparently guided by some form of intelligence, the light hovered high above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine. The footage then shows the light drop and seemingly hover just above the shrine. After a few moments, and a brief flash of a strobe, the light took off, disappearing into the night sky.Full article: 

Big Cat sighted by ex-police officer in Whales
A former policeman based in west Wales spotted a "puma or panther-like animal" as recently as Wednesday.
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