Thursday, Febuary 17, 2011

Jesus appears in wooden chair in Orange County, California
An Orange County couple says they have found the image of Jesus in a wooden rocking chair that has been sitting in their backyard for years.
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Swiss Neurologist working on virtual reality and real-life 'out-of-body' experiments
In the film Avatar, explorers on the planet Pandora transmit their minds into alternative bodies. Now scientists have come a step closer to recreating the experience in the lab.
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Possible 'Bownessie' monster image caught at Lake Windermere in the UK
The legend of 'Bownessie' is echoing across the waters of Lake Windermere once again after what is being called the best ever sighting of the mythical sea creature.  Emerging from the mist with oily black skin and three eerie humps, this picture reveals a mystical looking beast gliding through the lake.
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