Wednesday, Febuary 23, 2011

Charlie Manson's attorney pleads with President Obama to release his aging client

Giovanni Di Stefano, the long time lawyer for serial killer Charles Manson has reached out to President Obama, asking the President to set his client free.
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U. S. Army used Psy-Ops on Senators for more funding and favors

The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned – and when an officer tried to stop the operation, he was railroaded by military investigators.
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Retired Army Colonel to speak at annual UFO Congress about how UFO's are real, but ... there is no government cover-ups

Whether you believe or disbelieve the notion that UFOs are visitors from another planet, a former highly decorated military officer now comes forward with information that may infuriate those on both sides in the ongoing ET debate.
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'Psyhic' Sylvia Brown speaks about her conversations with Michael Jackson and Lady Di
Most people know psychic/spiritual medium Sylvia Browne from her appearances on 'The Montel Williams Show' and 'Larry King Live,' but she is first and foremost a spiritual author. Her latest book, 'Afterlives of the Rich and Famous,' features several accounts of celebrities who've passed away, and what they're up to in heaven.
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