Monday, Febuary 7, 2011

UFO over Jerusalem just a marketing stunt for UFO blockbuster coming out this Summer?
It's the footage that has true believers in a spin.  Several videos posted to YouTube last week appear to show a strange ball of light hovering above a Jerusalem shrine before disappearing into the night. At first the clips, shot from different angles, seemed convincing -- or at least like an elaborate hoax.
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Ghost of headless monk forces British amusement park to move location of their Storm Surge ride!
A headless monk, a sudden chill, objects moving of own accord.  A new ride at an amusement park? No, the strange, seemingly paranormal, behaviour was experienced by workmen building a water ride at Thorpe Park, one of the country's biggest theme parks.  There were reports of workers feeling like someone was watching over their shoulder and sudden cold feelings being experienced.
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