Friday, April 1, 2011


James Randi Foundation hands out annual 'Flying Pig Award to NASA astrobiologist (and others such as 'Dr.' Andrew Wakefield) for supposedly finding life within meteorites on April Fools Day!
When NASA astrobiologist Richard Hoover announced, again, last month that he'd found evidence of microscopic life on meteorites, he probably didn't expect to receive the high honor of a Flying Pig Award.
But now, the man who some claim is the scientific equivalent of the boy who cried wolf, is getting honored for an achievement some say is dubious.
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Huffington Post lists 'World's Greatest Hoaxes' for April Fools Day, including the Loch Ness Monster photo, Hitler's diary and the Alien Autopsy!
Though many of them seem absurd in retrospect, colossal hoaxes have been making fools of people around the world for centuries.  From alien encounters to foreign invasions, some of these hoaxes were even examined by scientific experts and reported by some of the world's most respected publications before being disproved.
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