Monday, April 11, 2011

Newly found memo has UFOlogists believing the 'Roswell Crash' was real!

Does a recently discovered 1950 memo found in FBI archives prove that the U.S. government recovered flying saucers and alien bodies in Roswell, New Mexico?  That's what many news outlets and websites are reporting. The British tabloid The Sun, for example, states that "The amazing UFO find at Roswell, New Mexico, was detailed by FBI agent Guy Hottel in a 1950 memo to the agency's director."
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U.S. Navy tests real-life 'laser ray-gun'!
With their new high-energy laser weapon, the U.S. Navy has succeeded in combining buccaneers and Buck Rogers. Called the Maritime Laser Demonstrator, the ray gun quickly disabled a small boat in a recent test. Such lasers could one day protect military vessels from the same kind of tiny boat that almost sunk the destroyer U.S.S. Cole by augmenting the small machine guns already aboard American warships,.
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Arizona man admits to out-of-body experience decades after near fatal car crash and meeting Jesus!

A man claims he had an out-of-body experience and met Jesus after nearly dying in a car accident.  John Edwards says he saw the 'city of light' while in the emergency room at St. Edwards Hospital in Fort Smith, Arizona.
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