Sunday, April 17, 2011

Math teacher believes he's located Guatemala
A retired German math teacher has spurred a national hubbub in Guatemala by claiming to have discovered an ancient underwater city laden with treasure.  Joachim Rittstieg grabbed headlines in March with his visit to Lake Izabal in eastern Guatemala. Buried there, he claims, are eight tons of gold tablets in Plato’s legendary Atlantis.
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UFO hotline created by Brooklyn man
If you've seen a UFO lately, you might want to call this number: 347-298-9020. The hotline was established by retired computer consultant Joe Capp, who has compassion for anyone who claims to have had a close encounter.  The 68-year-old who lives with his wife in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn became a believer himself in 1962 after what he saw from the beach in Atlantic City. "Two flying discs went right over our heads," he said. "They looked like giant frisbees."
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