Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seven sheep sacrificed to drive evil spirits out of Kyrgyzstan parliament!
It has suffered two popular revolts, a bloody fistfight and a police raid that turned up a Kalashnikov.
The parliament chamber of Kyrgyzstan is clearly a place of discord, but MPs in the central Asian state have chosen an unusual way of soothing tensions, it has emerged.
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Dead alien hoax in Siberia revealed to be made out of meatloaf!
We said it was too good to be true and, sadly, it was.  The students behind the discovery of an alien's body at a UFO 'crash site' have admitted that it was a 'crummy' hoax made out of stale bread.  Friends Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19, shot the video that showed the alien's mangled remains frozen in snow in Irkutsk, Siberia.  The pair were questioned by police over their 'extraterrestrial discovery' but admitted to their stunt.
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