Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is World UFO Day!?
How did you celebrate World U.F.O. Day?  You didn’t?  Dang. Nobody seems to remember any more that July 2, 1947 was the day of the Roswell crash in the New Mexico desert (a spacecraft from another world, say some; a test balloon, says the government) that became the touchstone for those who believe aliens have come to Earth.  And they certainly don’t remember that World U.F.O. Day is celebrated by some on June 24, to commemorate the first widely reported U.F.O. sighting by Kenneth Arnold, a pilot who claimed to see what he would call “flying saucers” over Mount Rainier the same year.

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UFO described as a 'blue, light' spotted near Bushy Hertfordshire, England

Bushey could soon be the unlikely location of a government x-file as residents reported several UFO sightings in the past month.  Jackie Noise says she was “really freaked” when she and her husband spotted a UFO for the second night in a row floating above Pasture Close this week.  She filmed a bright, flashing light in the sky, at about 11.15pm on Wednesday, June 30, and says it was a “really strange” experience.

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