Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gravestone of Connecticut ghostly folk spirit, the Green Lady of Burlington , is stolen!

State police continue to investigate the theft of the "Green Lady" headstone from the cemetery on Upson Road.  The theft occurred during the overnight hours of July 20-21 and that more than one person was involved due to the size of the stone, according to a police press release.  A passerby reported the 200-pound headsone for Elisabeth Palmiter, who is known as the Green Lady, as is the cemetery, was missing.  Local folklore has it that Palmiter’s spirit appears in a greenish mist, but with a well-defined body. The oft-vandalized site attracts paranormal investigators and youths.
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Reoccurring ghost of former student still haunts Kansas State University theater

A dead student’s ghost has haunted K-State’s Purple Masque Theatre for more than 30 years, spilling paint cans, stealing costumes and flickering lights.  Ask anyone familiar with Nick the ghost, and you’ll hear some story of misfortune or odd occurrence. Many believe he is still at large today.  But with plans to move the Masque, and build a new Welcome Center in its place, what will happen to Nick? Will his soul still linger beneath the stone seats of East Stadium, or will he follow the Purple Masque to its new location?  Alexis Warden, freshman in theater, said she thinks Nick will stay in East Stadium.  “His connection isn’t to the theater itself, it’s the connection to that area on campus,” Warden said. “I don’t know if he will stick around and ‘haunt’ the new Welcome Center or not, whether he sticks around or not just depends on him, I guess.”
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Man claims innocence over death of wife during exorcism
For the past 29 months, Jan David Clark has sat in an isolation cell in the Ector County Detention Center wondering how things could have gone so awry.  Though he admits to killing his wife during an attempted exorcism in February 2008, he maintains he never intended to harm the woman he “loved and spoiled” for 17 years.  “That was not a willing thing that took place,” Clark, 63, recalled in a jailhouse interview Tuesday. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s still a supernatural thing.”

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Crop circle near Woolaston attracts attention of Norwegian visiting the United Kingdom
Nils Kenneth Fordal, who was informed of the new crop circle near Woolaston on July 19, has studied crop circles for years.  Fordal’s been going to Wiltshire with fellow-enthusiast Dorthe Elisabeth Wennerfeldt for several weeks every year since 2006. The region has been known for its increasingly elaborate designs since the 1970s, National Geographic News reports.  He tells the BBC this particular formation “is a nice circle” and “quite special because it is the first time we have been into a formation so close to the water.”

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Former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta, writes forward to new UFO book, "UFO's: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record", by Leslie Kean
He’s not saying he was abducted by a UFO and probed or anything, but former President Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta is lending his name to a new book on UFOs.  Podesta has written the foreword for “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record” by investigative journalist Leslie Kean, which will be released Aug. 10.  This isn’t that shocking, as Podesta has been on the record before as an advocate for the Pentagon to release classified government papers on UFO investigations.

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