Friday, July 30, 2010

What does the Face on Mars really look like close-up?
It was the startling photograph that spawned a thousand conspiracy theories.  A photograph taken by the American Viking 1 Orbiter in July 1976 appeared to show a hill in the shape of a human face on the dusty surface of Mars.  But a new photograph released today, which was taken with Nasa’s high-definition HiRISE camera, finally shows the Face on Mars for what it really is: just a large, rocky hill in the middle of the Martian desert.

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British woman spots mysterious blue lights above Newbury skies
A Newbury woman wants to know if any other residents spotted strange goings on in the sky on Sunday night.  Sandra Bartholomew was having a bonfire at her Cromwell Road house with husband, Andrew, when the pair spotted a fast-moving blue light in the sky at about 10.30pm.  She said: "At first we thought it was a balloon but then it went shooting past and up towards the moon."  Mrs Bartholomew said the mysterious blue light was definitely not a Chinese latern - something often mistaken for a UFO.  She added: "We realised it was not [a lantern] because it was going to fast and there was hardly any wind and it was also going sideways."  Did you see the mysterious blue light? Or do you have any idea what the object may have been?

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Australian mystery creature sighted, dubbed the Territory Tiger

The grainy still above was taken from footage filmed in the 1990s by Territorian Jan Donovan.  Author Rebecca Lang said the large, sandy cat appeared to be of "considerable size", and could be the descendant of escaped circus cats.
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Oregon City faith healers plead not guilty in the death of their infant child
Two members of an Oregon City faith-healing church were charged Thursday with first-degree criminal mistreatment for failing to provide medical care for their infant daughter.  Timothy and Rebecca Wyland pleaded not guilty during a brief appearance before Clackamas County Circuit Judge Robert D. Herndon and were released without bail.  The charges were expected. During a custody hearing last week, a prosecutor disclosed that the Wylands had been indicted by a grand jury.  Child-protection authorities took custody of the couple's 7-month-old daughter, Alayna, after she developed a growth over her left eye that ballooned over several months to the size of a tennis ball and threatens her vision.

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Uruguay Air Force investigates wave of UFO sightings
A UFO that was seen by hundreds of Uruguayan citizens participating in a celebratory march near that nation's Legislative Palace in the capital city of Montevideo is now being investigated by the Air Force Multiple photos and a video of the UFO that has not been released have been collected by the investigation team headed by Colonel Ariel Sanchez. All up 30 photos have been sent in by eyewitnesses (one such photo can be seen above and a series of closeups of the object can be seen below). The team of investigators includes researchers from the national Aerospace agency's remote sensing department. Witnesses are also being interviewed.  Colonel Sanchez reminded concerned citizens that over 90% of UFOs can be explained and are not extraterrestrial in origin. Colonel Sanchez stated that this particular UFO might well be a plastic bag blowing in the wind. A number of witnesses however are doubtful of that explanation. Some UFO researchers have noted that the UFO looks suspiciously like the probes that are allegedly currently being sent by an alien civilization monitoring Earth, according to a number of aerospace agency ex-insiders.

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to give speech today at Bohemian Grove

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