Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welsh woman a witness to a UFO flying towards Shrewsbury

A MID Wales farmer says he spotted a UFO flying over Forden on Saturday night.
Philip Benbow, of Forden, was standing outside his home at 10.15pm when he noticed strange orange objects in the sky.  He said: “I saw about 20 orange lights flying in batches of between three and four.  “They were moving at about the speed of an aeroplane but there was no sound.  “The lights were orange and reminiscent of fire balls.

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UFO sightings near Hastings, England a result of accidental hoax by local white witch

A mystery surrounding a string of UFO sightings in 1066 Country has been solved.
The Observer reported earlier this month how residents in Hollington had seen what they thought was a flying saucer.  However, claims an alien craft had crashed in Alexandra Park were laughed off by police.  Now St Leonards based white witch Kevin Carlyon has admitted he was behind the scare.

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Psychiatrist and leader of Russian sex cult arrested in Southern Russia

Russian investigators have arrested the former psychiatrist leader of more than 100 people who held "uncontrolled" sex orgies in southern Russia, media reported on Thursday.  Members of the so-called Self Improvement Foundation "were encouraged with psychological pressure to have uncontrolled sexual relations with each other, including in the presence of minors", investigators said in a statement.

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