Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghost hunting family capture spooky images at old, abandoned church in South Carolina

My son and I went to South Carolina to visit his godmother Joy and her husband last weekend, Joy is also a believer in the paranormal and there is a church that is on a one lane dirt road out in the middle of no-where called Horns Creek Baptist Church dated back to 1790. There is a small cemetary on the side and a few graves in the back. All seemed to be dated in the 1800's and in need of repair. One is a little girl who died at age 2. Very sad. Anyways, we pulled up and got out of the truck and walked up the wooden steps into the church. What caught my eye was what appeared to be 2 peep holes.
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Is the conspiracy theory that UFO's are a CIA invention true?
Ufology is a faith that includes many beliefs, from the oddly popular one about Nazi aliens who live under the ground to David Icke's contention that the Duke of Edinburgh is in fact a shape-changing, blood-sucking alien lizard.  But here's the core of the faith - that some UFO sightings and encounters are real, the U.S. government knows all about these extraterrestrial visitations, and they've mounted a huge conspiracy to keep the aliens secret and us in the dark.  This book threatens to demolish that faith. Because here Mark Pilkington sets out to prove that the U.S. government really has been conducting a top-secret UFO conspiracy - only one designed not to hide UFOs but publicise them, fuelling and even creating the major UFO myths. Flying saucers, alien abductions, crash-landed spacecraft, secret underground bases in New Mexico - they were all created by the U.S. government.

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Experts believe Mars may have fossilized life hidden withing it's rocks
The team made their discovery in the ancient rocks of Nili Fossae.  Their work has revealed that this trench on Mars is a "dead ringer" for a region in Australia where some of the earliest evidence of life on Earth has been buried and preserved in mineral form.  They report the findings in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
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Finding reincarnated pets is the passion of animal psychics who wish to be taken seriously!
Pet psychics are serious about their jobs. Dead serious.  In fact, to find a missing pet, pet psychics like Ellen Kohn will turn to reincarnation -- looking into an animals' past lives -- for clues to where it might be.  This was the case last year when Christine Horowitz lost her 13-year-old golden shepherd, Dina, to cancer. Distraught, Horowitz remembered Kohn, who had mentioned contacting animals in the afterlife during a previous consultation about her mother's missing cat.

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