Thursday, July 15, 2010

St. Louis Catholic woman claims prayer cured her cancer
The St. Louis Catholic Archdiocese Has Sent The Case To The Vatican To Be Certified As A Miracle
Was a cancer recovery a miracle? The St. Louis Catholic Archdiocese thinks so. They say a St. Louis woman's cancer has vanished because of her prayers to a priest who's now on the verge of becoming a saint. They've asked the Vatican to certify her case miracle.  There are some things medical science can't explain. Rachel Lozano's cure is one of them. Rachel Lozano was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was fifteen. By the year 2000 it looked hopeless. On a church trip that year to the Vatican for a ceremony honoring Father William Chaminade. she prayed that Father William Chaminade to heal her.
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New York Governor Patterson seeks divine protection through a Kabbalah bracelet
Gov. Paterson is counting on a Madonna-blessed higher power to lead him out of the mess in Albany.  The lame-duck governor has begun wearing a red string kabbalah bracelet - just like the Material Girl - in an eyebrow-raising bid to deflect ill will.  "It was explained to the governor that the red string is a symbol of protection [that] wards off problems and tribulations," Paterson spokesman Morgan Hook said.  "His attitude was that he'll take all the help he can get."

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