October 1, 2009

A 5-year-old Chanda boy was murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice in the Mahakali Mandir locality in India, while police ignored pleas from the parents to find the boy or investigate the murder.

University of Utah scientists may have created humanities downfall! The first telekinetic cyborg monkey.

Strange, multiple lights seen flying through the sky, over the Ayr, Scotland beachfront.

Sioux Falls psychic adviser sued for $80, 000 by woman, blaming her for not fixing her marriage, as promised her.

Oldest 'human' skeleton found, replacing Lucy, the missing link.

Argentina woman makes claim that she has been visited by 14 extraterrestrials.

Russian woman witnesses 'friendly' UFO lights flying above her.

Fortean Zoology Team expediton in search of the Orange Pendak come back home with pictures and hair samples.

Apsley House pub owner in Southsea, Hampshire, UK, plans exorcism of bothersome ghostly drunk named 'Reedy' after famous patron Oliver Reed.

Russia's first ever museum of sex and erotica may hold the pickled penis of Rasputin.

According to the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society investigate possible ghostly happenings near the Howard County Historical Museum of Old Ellicot City.

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