October 2, 2009

According to MUFON reports two witnesses near Wurtland, Kentucky spot low flying UFO described as “a white light on the underside, a "brilliant blue light on the upper side," and a "pinkish" light on the front side of the craft”.

Cognitive scientist Jordan Grafman from the National Institutes of Health in a study of brain scans found that people's religious experiences may have aided the evolution of the human mind.

Psychologists seriously ponder the question, is telepathy possible?

Scottish tourist spots and video tapes UFO from his hotel in Benalmadena, Spain.

Statue of the Virgin Mary was able to weep and cause brilliant lights in the sky, say citizens of the Irish town of Dungloe.

South Bend woman wonders if she is victim of practical joke or a haunted house.
Calgary mystified by strange buzzing noise going through neighborhood.

Professor Edzard Ernst of Exeter University publishes over one thousand research papers how futile a majority of alternative medicine truly is, despite their popularity.

Scientists studying mice claim they may have found the Fountain of Youth, kind of, saying watch what you eat.

University of Florida officials demand a zombie apocalypse response plan removed from college website.

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