October 3, 2009

18th Century French general wanted to invade England with a corp of 10,.000 Americans, including Native Americans, according to rediscovered documents of the invasion plan.

What were some of the nobles prizes given out this year? Bra's that turn into gas masks, and naming cows may cause them to produce more milk.

Twin Cities pagans celebrate Twin Cities Pagan Pride 2009, for the next two days in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Archeologists discover 'Bluehenge', one mile away from Stonehenge, a smaller, prehistoric monolithic site.

Oxford archeologists find 17th Century witch bottle, a Bellermine jug containing nail clippings, hair, bellybutton fluff, pins and iron nails at Turk's Head Inn, in Stafford.

Video taken possible UFO activity near Asturias, Spain.

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