September 29

UK family spot and record UFO sighting Saturday night.

Sydney couple convicted of manslaughter of their baby daughter, for choosing homeopathy remedies to treat a child's deadly skin disorder, rather then conventional medicine.

Police respond to local Greenwich complains, of UFO activity.

British mother watches family video of her baby, and hears a ghostly voice in the background.

The Brazilian government declassifies over 4000 pages of UFO reports going back to the 1980's.

Paranormal investigators explore the Sunrise Theater, in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Researchers at University College London say that subliminal messages may be possible, especially negative message.

A dead salmon supposedly 'reacts' to pictures of human beings

Spanish physicists at the University of Zaragoza, attempt to create a crystal weapon to hunt dark matter.

Physicist Davide Cassi at the Università di Parma in Italy writes research paper on how to effectively avoid being theoretically eaten by zombies.

Utah residents explain their experiences and fears of alien abductions.

The Committee of Skeptical Inquiry makes a disclaimer to try and rescue the minds of African youths in recognition of the rising belief in witchcraft and the violence that follows it.

Atheists, secularists, humanists, comedians and scientists around the world celebrate International Blasphemy Day in recognition of mankind's freedom of non-religious views.

Saxony Motor Inn is inhabited b curious ghost hunters and perhaps paranormal activity.

Video supposedly captures Spanish military attacking UFO.

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