October 6, 2009

Scotland's most publicly known UFO incident of two men abducted from their car to be made into a movie.
Full article: http://entertainment.stv.tv/tv/128129-scotlands-biggest-ufo-incident-to-hit-the-big-screen/

Archeologists reveal they may have found the cellar owned by Vlad Dracula, which has been collecting dust in Pects, Hungary.

Portrait of Vlad the Impaler

Archeologists dig in a Medieval cellar possibly belonging to Vlad Tepes III

Scottish psychic researcher Patricia Robertson says that in a test of eighty patients, half of them got immediate benefits by going to English healers Gary Mannion and Nina Knowland.

Psychic researcher Tricia Robertson and psychic healer Gary Minnion.

Video captures mysterious UFO's following Iranian missile test launches.

Ghost haunts Tucson bar for years, even with new ownership at Gooch's Grill, which was formerly the Victory Bar, then Belushe's Bar and Grill and before them all the Rhino Bar!

A Whitbury woman believes her dead pet dog Snoopy is trying to contact her, in the body of a
strangers dog.
Full article: http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2009/10/woman-believes-she-reunites-with-lost.html

MUFON collects data of UFO video taken by witness in Michigan.

Michigan news station has brief video and photographs of possible UFO in sky, which experts believe is actually a satellite.
Full article: http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/news/video.aspx?id=359057

Two-miles away from Stonehenge, a  prehistoric sister site, 'Bluehenge' is discovered by archeologists.

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