September 8, 2009

Fairies photographed in homes garden, near Croydon, South London.

Mrs. Phillis Bacon took this photo of a fairy floating in her garden in New Addington, London.

 According to archeological astronomer Juan Belmonte, ancient Egyptians built their temples were built precisely aligned to astronomical events, so that the people could plan political, economic, and religious calenders to them.

The Karnak temple in Luxor, like 350 other temples throughout Eygpt,  was laid out to coordinate with astronomical events, many of which date back 3000 years.
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Italian devotee's of Saint Gennaro in Naples, hold off on the time honoured ritual of kissing the saint at the annual festival due to HINI flu panic.

Kentucky takes surveillance camera shots of 'something' in his backyard; bear, gorilla or bigfoot?
Kenny Mahoney, caught this picture of something large, sitting in his backyard near Fairdale, Kentucky.

Bulgarian boating accident, which killed 15, blamed on God's wrath for attending recent Madonna concert, which coincided with a holy day in recognition of John the Baptist, so says Bulgarain Orthodox Church.

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