September 7, 2009

Chinese scientists capture UFO on film for 40 minutes during solar eclipse.


  California celebrates 150th anniversary of duel which results in modern hauntings.

Near the San Fransisco county line, chief judge of the state Supreme Court fatally wounded U.S. senator David Broderick, who later died in the antique house of current resident Lisette Gelber at Fort Mason, who has had numerous ghostly activities in the home.
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After extensive research, the Medical Journal of Australia, there is no physical evidence that Reflexology (Applying pressure to certain areas of the foot and toes to heal the entire body) works.

Dr. Edzard Ernst, Director of Complementary Medicine at the Peninsula Medical School in the United Kingdom, did an exhaustive study ix electronic databases and identified 217 trials related to reflexology, with no evidence that it effected any of the 'patients'.
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