September 25, 2009

The 1964 Socorro UFO sighting is revealed to be a hoax, by college pranksters.

Upcoming October Biography channel television show Celebrity Ghost Stories reveals that deceased actor David Carradine believed his dead wifes ghost haunted his bedroom closet.

Cryptozoologist Adam Davies makes a sighting of an orange, chimpanzee-like creature, he describes as an Orange Penkek while moving throughout the jungles of Indonesia.

Scientists researching brain activity, are able to see what a person is thinking, by being able to detect numbers inside their heads.

A Tucson, Arizona airline pilot walking his dog, witnesses three spheres flying through the sky, converge into a triangle.

Mysterious UFO spotted flying across and disappearing over south Chesterfield, UK, says witness.

Michigan news station has brief video and photographs of possible UFO in sky, which experts believe is actually a satellite.

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