September 28, 2009

Paranormal researcher Lionel Fanthorpe places sightings of werewolves near Cannock Chase and ghostly hauntings at Ludlow Castle rank some of the most talked about supernatural events in the United Kingdom in the last 25 years.

Despite claims by Russian experts, skull of Adolf Hitler in Russia is really a woman's as discovered by researchers for the History Channel.

Studies within the United Kingdom show more ghostly happenings within Kent then anywhere else in the country, if it's UFO sightings, one should go to Yorkshire.

British transport police officer, 49-year-old Gary Heseltine admits to collecting a database of over 300 UFO sightings, covered by 750 witnesses, all of whom are on-and-off duty police.

Scottish island of Little Cumbrae bought for two-million pounds to be used as a yoga camp by followers of Indian gura Baba Ramdev.

New owners of Glamis Castle, tries to change the image and reputation of the landmark known for being the most haunted place in Scotland.

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