September 30, 2009

Self-proclaimed 'foremost psychic in New England', Janet Lee wasn't using her powers when she claims she was beat up by fellow psychics, and is eventually arrested for lying to the police.

Today marks 40th anniversary of the Lake Worth Monster sighting near Fort Worth, cryptozoologists across the country celebrate the day with Lake Worth Monster Bash.

University of Liverpool researchers hope to create an 'invisibility cloak' to save buildings from earthquakes.

Despite early claims of a possible attack by the mysterious Jersey Devil, a feral dog is the culprit in a savage attack on a local horse.

Ventura, California's Pierpoint Inn historic hotel is the home of ghostly hauntings and weird vortex activity.

A strange creature roams the Hound Tor by Dartmore, Devonshire.

MUFON database collects testimony of California man who witnessed both a UFO and a small 'creature' peering at him.

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